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Guido Bertolini

Ready to elevate your podcast to new heights?

You've come to the right place!

I'm an audio engineer and podcast editor with a proven track record of delivering top-quality audio editing services to help my clients launch, produce, and grow their podcasts.


Drawing from years of experience and a deep understanding of the technical and creative aspects of audio editing and podcast production, I'm committed to delivering exceptional results that set your podcast apart.

"Guido was so helpful and skilled at helping edit my podcast episode.
I was in a tight situation with my old podcast manager not working out well and he fixed errors from previous episodes, fixed my podcast feed, was VERY responsive and available to discuss any questions which is most important to me as I am brand new to podcasting and don't know what I am doing.
Thanks so much."



Audio editing

Adjust volume levels, remove unwanted noise, and sync audio with video for a polished result.

Audio Repair

Remove background noise, unwanted sounds, and repair distorted audio.


Editing, mixing, and mastering to achieve desired sound quality.

Synchronization with video and sound effects for an immersive experience.

Video Editing

Manipulating and modifying video footage.

Cut, splice, rearrange, and add effects, transitions, titles, and more.

And much more...

You're welcome to ask me for anything else! I'll love the challenge!

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